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Chinese food imports, exporters filing aqsiq application documents


Chinese food imports, exporters filing aqsiq regulations

Chinese food imports, exporters filing aqsiq application documents


Application Form of Food Exporter/Agent

□初次申请备案Initial Filing 

第1项——企业信息Section 1-Applicants Information

*企业名称(中英文)Name (in Chinese AND English)

*企业地址(中英文)Address(in Chinese AND English)

*企业类型Company Type:□出口商Exporter  □代理商Agent


*邮政编码Postal Code

*联系人姓名Contact Name:


Contact Telephone/Fax (Include Area/Country/Region Code) or Cell Phone

*联系人电子邮件信箱Contact E-mail:

*第2项——经营食品种类(多选项)Section 2-Food Category of Operation


□蛋及制品类egg and egg products

□水产及制品类aquatic products and preserved aquatic products

□中药材类 traditional Chinese medicinal materials of animal and plant origin

□粮谷及制品类grains and grain products

□油脂及油料类oil and oil seeds

□饮料类soft drinks and drinking water

□糖类 sugar

□蔬菜及制品类vegetable and vegetable products

□植物性调料类processed flavorings of plant origin

□干坚果类dried fruits and nuts

□其他植物源性食品类other plant origin food

□罐头类canned foods

□乳制品类dairy products

□蜂产品类bee products

□酒类alcoholic beverage

□糕点饼干类pastry biscuits and crackers

□蜜饯类candied (preserved) fruits



□调味品类processed flavorings

□其他加工食品类other processed foods

□特殊食品类foods for special dietary uses

□其他,请描述  others, please describe          

第3项——中国贸易伙伴信息Section 3-Information of the Chinese Trade Partner to be contracted with:

企业名称(中文)Name (in Chinese):

企业地址(中文)Address (in Chinese):

联系人Contact person:



第4项——承诺书Section.4-letter of commitment

兹承诺: 上述资料信息准确、真实。I hereby commits: The information we submit is authentic and accurate.

*填表人姓名(印刷体)Contractor name (in printing version):

*填表人电话/传真或者手机Contractors office Telephone/Fax or cell phone

*填表人电子邮件信箱Contractors E-mail Address

*填表日期Date of submitting this form:


1、标“*”的项目必须填写。The above items with mark * must be effectively filled in.

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